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Sale of accessories

· Thermometer sphere of 1 or 2 contacts:
It is a control and security instrument with a temperature needle and adjustable alarm and trip contacts.

· Integrated security relay (DGPT2):
this is used for completely-filled transformers, and provides three protection systems:
- Temperature protection.
- Gas protection.
- Overpressure protection
It produces an alarm signal if it detects any anomaly .

· Security Relay Bucholz:
it is a gas detector that is installed in transformers with an expansion tank. It has alarm and trip contacts.

· Other dielectric liquids:
- Insulating mineral oil.
- Dielectric liquid silicone.
- Natural or synthetic ester for application in electrical transformers.

· Silica gel desiccant:
In transformers with an expansion tank, a B- 3/6 silica gel cartridge is applied between the expansion tank and the atmosphere, to absorb moisture circulating in the air around it.

·  Silica gel
 it is possible to acquire this  product packaged in bags of at least 1 kg.

· Wheels transport

 · Silent-blocks

 · Overpressure valve

· Others.

All transformers JARA manufactures are subjected to the tests...
Repair and modification of processors
JARA offers its clients the possibility of repairing transformers of...
Other services
Oil analysis for verification of dielectric strength and tangent...
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